Los Angeles Dodgers: 3 potential setup men for Kenley Jansen

Dodgers’ bullpen still needs work if they want to make a serious run at the World Series in 2017.


The Los Angeles Dodgers locked down closer Kenley Jansen with a five-year, $80 million contract this offseason, but the bullpen still needs some work.

At the moment, the team would have to use Pedro Baez and Luis Avilan in a setup role, which isn’t particularly ideal considering the options still available on the free-agent market.

Having Jansen at the back-end of the bullpen won’t matter if the Dodgers can’t protect leads in the seventh and eighth innings.

Therefore, they need to make a move and make it soon, before all the useful players find new homes.

Here are three setup options the Dodgers should consider:

Neftali Feliz

Feliz, who spent the 2016 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates, is widely considered to be the best reliever left on the market.

He served primarily as a setup man last season, turning in a 3.52 ERA and 61 strikeouts in 53.2 innings.

The right-handed reliever gave up 21 walks and 10 home runs, though, so he’s far from perfect. However, he’s beginning to take steps in the right direction after a disastrous 2015 season.

Sergio Romo

Romo saved four games for the San Francisco Giants in 2016, but the Dodgers’ NL West rivals have moved on to Mark Melancon.

The crafty righty, who was an All-Star in 2013, may simply need a change of scenery to get back to his old form. Setting up for Jansen on a team that is a favorite to make the playoffs again in 2017 may be just what the doctor ordered.

Plus, having the chance to frequently face the team that turned its back on him this offseason would only sweeten the deal.

Jerry Blevins

The Mets need a lefty to fill out their bullpen and Blevins has spent the last two seasons in New York, performing well in his setup role.

Therefore, it’s a little bit baffling that the Mets haven’t signed him to a new deal. That could be good news for the Dodgers, though, if they act quickly.

Blevins appeared in 73 games and compiled a 2.79 ERA in 42.0 innings pitched, striking out 52 while walking only 15.

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